Welcome to the Glad Hatter site where warmth and style meet head on. I started my business because once I learned to knit I found that everyone needed and requested a cool stylish knitted hat. I use only top quality wool with minimal acrylic blends. You can request custom colors and sizes to meet the needs of your family and friends.

One popular trend has been school colors. Be cool in school with wool and have a warmed head for answering the difficult questions. Each hat is hand knitted and takes me about 5 hours.....6 if American Idol is on.

Hats are $20.00 and headbands are $12.00, shipping is added depending on where you live. Show how much you care about someone by giving them a Glad Hatter hat or headband. I can be reached via my mom's email ( just type Glad Hatter in the subject) or call me, Miranda, at 812-597-0116.

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